So I’ve finished the list of movies that I’ve seen so I should write down the movies that make my tears drop. I’m not telling you that these one could 100% make you cry but this list is made from my personal experience. There are also many other movies that I feel more attached to them but the titles below have a special vibe at some moment that touched my heart.

Click (2006)

Yes, this movie may seem non sense at the beginning and all those idiotic jokes make Click look like another cheap comedy from Adam Sandler. But I gotta admit, the message behind the film is quite touching and may be related to anyone of us. Especially, no one can expect that plot twist at the end of the movie. Every moment with your family is really precious that you’ll definitely regret if you don’t fully live with your heart.

Grave of the fireflies (1988)

This one is iconic whenever we talk about Ghibli studio. The sad vibe covers the entire movie. The tragedy of these 2 siblings during the world war II, the harshness coming from society. Losing their family, leaving their hometown, every plot just makes Grave of the fireflies stuck into your heart. This movie has taken away tears of so many people in the world. This movie also has a brilliant soundtrack that could make you go immediately emotional. I didn’t cry for this one, but my heart was so heavy after watching it.

Hope/ So-won (2013)

Not mentioning the fact that this movie is about child sexual harassment, the way of the producers and the writers pull out Hope is just so great. Based on a true story, and with the outstanding acting of the girl, the viewer can really feel the pain of So-won. The helpless of justice system makes the case even worst. Not only pain but the angry inside will make your tears drop inadvertently. However, like most of the asian movies, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Once again, the tears come out because of the love that So-won’s parent carry to make their daughter smile again.

The boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

Taking place during the World war II, the friendship between a German boy and a prisoned Jewish boy just make the movie shine. It could  need your patient in the beginning of the film but I’m sure that The boy in the striped pyjamas could make you interested in the plot so you don’t have to worry about historical context. Everything seems so simple and light when the movie is leaded by a 8 year old boy but that heart breaking ending will tear your heart apart. The mom and the boy are so well cast and they’ve done a wonderful job portraying the characters.

A Monster Calls (2016)

The emotionally touching story of a young boy having to carry all the burdens and obligations of supporting his mother’s cancer. He ask for the help of a fictional monstrous tree to help him go through these difficult times. Each story told by the tree helps the boy learn to live with the reality he’s facing so in the end, he will be able to tell her mother the truth. The story is simply amazing and the acting of Lewis is outstanding. The graphic is really well done, so you can feel this is a real life fairy tale.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The Pursuit of Happyness is a inspiral story of a Chris Gardner, who has many difficulties in his life as his family was in financial shortage. He can’t afford rents, he has to send his son to a Chinese daycare, his wife leaves him. The movie is full of his daily struggling. But as a father, he just can’t give up, he do everything in order to provide his son a better life. The movie teaches us how to protect and pursuit your dream no matter what others tell you. The moment when Chris gets what we’ve been dreaming for is really touching and anyone can find itself related.