I remember that I first know this movie by a trailer, in early 2016 if I’m correct. My first impression was this movie is about a bunch of kids with special abilities (like X-men series) but really younger cast. However, what really caught my attention was a girl blowing air in the middle of the ocean (who I later know is Emma) since the X-men series haven’t had any underwater mutants on screen. I was looking for this movie and I found out that this is an adaptation of the books. During that time, I was having a lot of time to read, the books received many good reviews but the readers didn’t seem to like the ending of the first book so I didn’t buy it.

The film is out this september, I’ve got a chance to watch it and I think that this film is worth your time. This film happens in a imaginary world, where were children with special abilities and their supervisors, who are able to loop times, and of course also villains. The film is about the adventures of a young boy to miss Perengrine’s home, where his grand-father was living, and the story of him helping the children here to fight the evil force.

Xem ảnh gốc

The plot twist isn’t new but you still can find the feeling of curiosity about the house and the children. And what the movie accomplished, is to make you interested in details, in things that you didn’t expect to be happen.

The rhythm of the movie is good. At the beginning, when the viewers weren’t introduced to the house, everything happens ordinarily so I suggest to be patient a little bit before the climax. The movie explains well, the characters led you through the plot twist (You don’t have to go search for explanation online after watching the movie). However, I believe the target audience  is also the children so the climax of the film remains mischievous rather than dramatic.

The movie has two tones of colors, dark grey for the real world and colorful in the time loop which I think it’s quite logical. The sound is good and they paid attention to the costumes. Especially, most of the actors have a British accent which I find really cool. The film is leaded by young actors, you have the ‘freshness’ but still have the ability to make us feel. However, there is one thing that I don’t really appreciate, and that is how they choose the actor for the antagonist. Samuel Jackson isn’t too appealing for me to be honest.

Xem ảnh gốc

One more thing, personally, I don’t think the ending was necessary though (you live your life, Why you have to do that much things to meet a girl from another world)

I din’d read the books, but I know that the movie has switched the ability of some characters so for those whose read the books, you might not share the same thought with me. But for me, I think the movie is well executed even though I still hope they should have made it more dramatic. I’m considering buying the second books to read.

Overall, I rate this movie 7.5/10